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  • Cheats

    Enter these during gameplay
    320X200 ResolutionMPJAZZY
    Be a shadowMPSHADOW
    Bouncing treasureMPMOONGOODIES
    Claw is weakMPWIMPY
    Decreases the ResolutionMPDECVID
    Default ResolutionMPDEFVID
    finish the levelMPSCULLY
    Fire SwordMPHOTSTUFF
    Frames per secondMPFPS

    Full Ammo

    Full dynamiteMPBLASTER
    Full HealthMPAPPLE
    Full MagicMPGANDOLF
    Ice SwordMPPENGUIN
    Increases the ResolutionMPINCVID
    infinite lives and ammompplayallday
    Invisible EnemiesMPSPOOKY
    Lightning SwordMPFRANKLIN
    Makes Claw StrongMPBUNZ
    Makes Enemies into ghostsMPHAUNTED
    Monolith logos & MusicMPLITH
    Same as mplith & mpmonolithMPLOGO
    Same as the above codeMPMONOLITH
    show/hide info for above 4 cheatsMPNOINFO
    Shows # of objects on screenMPOBJECTS
    Shows developers heads in place of treasureMPDEVHEADS
    Shows global positionMPPOS
    Super JumpMPJORDAN
    Super Throw modeMPSUPERTHROW
    Timer on the bottom of the screenMPSTOPWATCH
    Toggles the background off/onMPBOTLESS
    Toggles the foreground off/onMPTOPLESS
    Toggles the middle plane off/on

    Level Skip codes

    Enter one of the following codes during game play.
    Advance to Boss Levelmpskinner
    Advance to level 10mpsuperhawk
    Advance to level 11mpjobnumber
    Advance to level 12mplistenandlearn
    Advance to level 13mpyeahright
    Advance to level 14mpclawteamrulez
    Advance to level 2mpexactly
    Advance to level 3mpracerohboy
    Advance to level 4mpbuddywhat
    Advance to level 5mpmugger
    Advance to level 6mpgoofcycle
    Advance to level 7mprotarypower
    Advance to level 8mpshibshank
    Advance to level 9mpwhyzedf
    Return to previous levelmpmoulder

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